Monday, July 25, 2011

Back from Kenai docks, Homer, and Kenai Fjourd Nnational Park

Back in Anchorage for a night or two... The Kenai Fjourd Nnational Park and other areas I have just come from loaded my cameras up with video and photos so I figure it is only right to share a few....

This is a photo of the further point west that one can drive/ride in Alaska

Call me an artist for the day because the photo I took through a telescope IS rather cool eh? 

The boats that didn't make it but still look awesome (On the spit out of Homer, AK

I kept riding out of Homer, down East End Rd., and did a short hike up at  Eyesight State Park

My favorite muddy fisherwomen friend, Michelle.... 

Rolling down into the park with the sun nice and bright

Make sure you remember step #2 of if a grizzle bear attacks....
A cartoon map of  adventure to come....
Starting the hike up to the Icefeilds as a cold front begins setting in. 

Trying to get off the mountain QUICK!!

And, yup, I made it back to the tropics

But a rather cold tropics....
And as the night came along, (Photo taken at about 11:00PM), so did more rain... and the rain has drizzled on... and on... and on... Nevertheless I will soon push further north and do my best to find the sun. 

I may now really disappear for some time to come.... So wish me some sun as ride into the clouds....


  1. What the Hell? If it charges fight back! Bears, silly animal!

  2. Good times... Wish I was there.

  3. Talk the bear down, haha. "Cool it Yogi, this is my pickinick basket."

  4. It looks cold up there!!!! Greetings from Sacramento (Rudy say hi), and watch out for those hungry bears!! ;)