Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 1 Sactown to Portland Oregon

Over the next 1 & 1/2 month's I will ride about 10,000 miles north to Alaska and then most likely Southeast out of Alaska towards Sturgis, South Dakota in time for the annual rally (A LINK IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT the "rally" is...).  

The beginning of day 1 started out from a good friends place after enjoyng a 4th of July party the night before. Not being an interstate enthusiast, and knowing the heat would be high and the ride long, I approach my first 600 miles with great determination. 

The ride went smooth as I cruised a steady 75ish. The bike, with new backrest and bars, fit me well; I stopped only for gas. Franky, aka frank, my monkey also felt very comfortable. As already mentioned, to many friends and family, the first leg of my trip is to push fast and hard to the Canadian boarder at which point my pace is expected to dramatically reduce. Today in Portland my headquarters is my sister's place.

As for writing more now, well its late and I'm tired so here are just a few photos to save me at least a 1000 words.

Mile 0 at Ryan's place just before the "team work" firing up of the bike

A peak at Shasta as I-5 finally cools of A LITTLE.

Well yes, there was one minor issue... luckly the piece got stuck rather than falling onto the interstate. (I'll fix it in the morning with some LOCKTIGHT.

Franky stretching out right after pulling into my sisters place.

And of course we had to finish the night off with a couple of Oregon IPA's and a Stout Milkshake :)

PS. It is very unlikely that I will keep this blog well updated, but if/when I do... I sure expect to be cheered on!


  1. Take that heel shifter off. It was a sign. It'll give you more leg positions on that long ride. Ride on!

  2. Happy you and Franky made it to Portland safely :)

  3. Have a safe trip Pumpernickel.

  4. Hola David!!! wow, amazing, u r already in Canada!!! Animo, yo te hecho porras desde LA :)... I'll be checking ur blog for updates, keep enjoying ur trip!!
    ps. I have already changed my flight for August, so wait for me ;) ... Cuidate!