Thursday, July 7, 2011

Time in Oregon...

Welp, I decided to stay in Oregon and hang out with my Little sister and nephew yesterday. Since I'm eager to get on the road I'm jut posting a few photos with descriptions...

So to start out I must share that franky was a bit upset about being in the cage (car) for most of yesterday. He  is also eager to get back on the scooter today, especially since I'm trying out a new XM radio...

Ok, well this Rock is supposed to look like a gorilla... This is in Pacific City, Oregon. 

A view


The sister
The Nephew

And another Oregon IPA.... Nicccceeee
I just really found this sign to be rather appropriate for my life.

 And Actually I have more photos, of visting a couple cheese factorys, but this blogging is taking way to long and I'm eager to hit the Road.... My next stop, for this evening and a day or two, is a short scoot up to Camino Island, WA... This will be a short 5ish our ride... From Camino Island, WA I will be crossing the boarder to start the true adventure of roads that will be ALL new to me...


  1. Tell Alaska I said hello, and update when you can :-)

    ps- I miss your dooky

  2. I think franky has the right idea.

  3. Beautiful, Beautiful! Stephanie's picture cracks me up :)