Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lake Williams or beyond????

The road ahead of Lake Williams, I thought might have a nice spot to camp... I aimed to go beyond but heavy rains drowned  me out of that thought. I rather, after a long scenic detour of wondering, ended up back in Lake Williams... Anyhow.... I am posting some photos below but will try to write a bit more in the morning as well as add a few more pics..

Update... So to catch up a bit ... I met a friend Switzerland named Gilles.. We chated about our roads thus far and shared ideas and resources for roads to come.. And now to save me mpre typing by uploading some pictures. Instead


  1. Hey bro pretty badass trip so far...since ryan showed me this i check it almost everyday...By the way in your first blog about the beginning of your journey you didnt mention the wonderful breakfast i made for you that you pleaded for the night before lol well safe journeys and keep keeping us posted =]

  2. I check it all the time too! Thanks for the wonderful delicious breakfast Becca! you're the best!! :)